Lets take an example of this question, Feedback Requested: Stack Overflow design update, on which I've answered (two). Right now there are approx. 70 (seventy) answers and I am looking for my answers, How can I find it quickly?

Site has following tabs right now,

enter image description here

But even this way, it's hard to find my own answers.

If site has one more tab, named "my answers",

enter image description here

By selecting, "my answers" tab I'll list with the answer which I've given. No other users answers will be list here.


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It is rare for a post to receive so many answers that you could have problems finding a specific one on the page. And for the vast majority of questions you'd only ever post just one answer. So for there to be any question with so many answers that a separate tab is needed just to list your own, is... vanishingly small. It is not worth the effort of the dev team to implement such a tab.

For such an exceptional post, you can use search to find your own answers. Type in inquestion:this user:me into the search box on the top right of the question page and the search engine will list only your answers for that question.

If I replace user:me with your user id, the search engine fills in the post id and you get your one answer listed.

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