Oftentimes in FP I'll run across a question that is in terrible shape: mistagged, filled with bad English, and with the most vague title possible. I then whip it into shape with a suggested edit and there we go.

However, it's quite possible that it could still use a good deal more work. Maybe the retag or title rephrasing exposes a duplicate in related or the dupe flagger that would otherwise be hard to find. Or maybe a subject-matter expert can now see that it's trivially a typo. Or whatever.

Point is, I've made the question better, but haven't necessarily fixed all the everything wrong with it *. What button should I hit in the review UI at this point? Skip, to give someone else a pass at it? I'm Done, because, well, I'm done?

(Some of the same questions apply to LA, and presumably to VLQ, but the latter I have of course no access to just yet.)

* Yes, I know that's bad grammar.

  • ...there are 30,000 users eligible to complete review if you skip
    – gnat
    Jan 14, 2015 at 10:12


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