I recently posted a question with two code fragments included. I accidentally switched the order of the two, saying that the working fragment didn't work and vice versa. Multiple comments answering my intended question pointed out my error.

In such a case, should I edit the question to correct the typo? If I do, this can cause confusion to future readers of the question, seeing comments that reference a typo that doesn't appear to be there.

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    You should of course always fix problems in your post, be it question or answer. Comments can be flagged as obsolete afterwards if they no longer apply.
    – l4mpi
    Commented Jan 13, 2015 at 9:13

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SO posts are intented to stay on line for a long time. As such, they sould be made better and clearer every time possible.

So if you had a typo in the question, you should fix it. If others pointed out the error, you can just leave a comment saying you fixed the post due to those comments. That way :

  • you are not rude for those who helped you : their comments may no longer be relevant, but you gave them credit for the fix
  • future readers are not annoyed by the typo
  • the post will be nicer

If you want to clean that all later, you can even flag the comments as no longer relevant and delete your own - but IMHO it is better to wait some time to let commenters see that you used their comment and gave them credit for that.

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