Why SE not using advert services like google adsense, and selling ad space instead. Is that more profits? It can use them along with ad space selling itself even(at least until it get customers for that space. I seldom see any other than its own).

I know company's revenue is more from Careers and Tags. Still it could be good option being at the top of index for any coding related search queries on google.

And even after 200rep, it is giving the option of reduced ads. I don't think it would be that problem to anyone till 200.(Even personally I myself is having no problem even after 200rep, SO is helping use for all free)

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Stack Exchange, Inc. has an internal sales team that handles the sales of banners on our sites, currently offering advertising on 16 sites: http://stackexchange.com/mediakit.

We do not work with ad networks such as Google AdSense, or sell our inventory at remnant rates just to make a buck.

We choose to work directly with reputable companies that are relevant to our audience and vet every ad that runs on our sites.

Bottom line is that if our users do not find the ads relevant, they will not click on them. If our audience doesn't click on our ads, we won't be able to sell them to advertisers.

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  • Should also add @BradLardson comment also in your answer. :-) – Sachin Jan 12 '15 at 20:37
  • @sachin Brad's answer references a podcast from 2009. Much has changed since then, including hiring an in-house ad sales team. While it has many philosophies that are still relevant today, I'd rather this post have the most up-to-date info. – Danny Miller Jan 12 '15 at 21:07

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