I came across this question yesterday. It is about accessing the Yahoo Finance API, and was originally tagged with , , and . While I was formulating an answer, someone else answered first, utilizing the library. I upvoted the answer, as it was very similar to what I was thinking, but I then noticed that the answerer had edited the question to include the tag, even though the OP wasn't using that library. I rolled back the edit, and left a comment that questions shouldn't be retagged to include a topic mentioned in an answer. The answerer replied and asked if I had a citation for that. https://stackoverflow.com/help/tagging states A tag is a word or phrase that describes the topic of the question but doesn't specifically talk about retagging questions to include topics used in an answer.

So, is there a specific policy about this? I've searched through Meta.SE and Meta.SO, but couldn't find anything that addressed this particular issue.

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I concur with your interpretation, because [a] it makes sense [b] It's clearly written in the guide: tags are meant to categorize questions.

Suppose I ask a question about an issue I'm solving in Javascript: if N users answer the question (one answer per user) suggesting many different approaches, the question tags would change from this:


to something like this:

javascript jquery jqueryui angularjs knockoutjs coffeescript typescript (...)

Might as well remove the tags altogether, they'd no longer categorize anything.

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