I had this question closed. No problem for me, I understood I can not ask SEO questions on SO.

Today I look at SO and see this one: Can you trick GoogleBot by writing CSS-invisible keywords?.

Is this about programming? Isn't this SEO?

So why has it not been closed too?


It probably should have been closed. In fact, I'll go ahead and vote to close it after I type this.

SO isn't perfect. Sometimes questions are closed when they shouldn't be, and left open when they should.

closed as off-topic by Jon B, Shog9, Michael Todd, Michael Petrotta, BalusC 38 mins ago


SEO questions should be asked on the Pro Webmasters, tagged with .

  • Thanks for pointing it out, but I didn't ask where SEO questions should go. I asked why my SEO question was closed, and the other one is still open. – Marco Demaio Sep 1 '10 at 13:41

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