We have been discussing in this post related to the construction of a json schema about which tags are more appropiate:

  • json, schema
  • json, jsonschema

As a general rule it seems a good idea to use the most defining tag (ie, jsonschema instead of schema) and avoid too general tags (schema).

In order to avoid an endless discussion in the post I request your opinion here.


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I don't think that is a good tag. It's overly broad, since schemas are such a big concept. I don't think anyone's an expert in schemas, not related to any specific technology.

So I'd go with , since that's the specific technology being discussed.

However, I don't actually know what jsonschema is, so maybe this opinion makes no sense.


The tag is more appropriate. The + tags just means schemas for JSON in general, while the tag refers to a well-defined specification.

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