I saw +20 (with bold and green color) at the top bar reputation icon. I thought I earned 20 points when I opened the dropdown it shows this:

enter image description here

This is really confusing. I know its hard to handle the cases and to show when we have mix reputation changes e.g. upvotes + downvotes to decide if there will be a red color and minus sign or a green color with plus sign. So maybe we should improve the tooltip to handle it properly, instead of always showing a plus sign even when you have lost reputation score?


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The counter on the top shows the change in reputation since you last clicked it.

You haven't clicked on the icon since the UTC morning of December 18th at least. Since that time you gained +40 in votes and accepts, and you lost -20 when a user account was removed. That means that your net gain since that time was +20.


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