I received the following message, when searching for the tag [isomorphism]

The isomorphism tag has no wiki summary, can you help us create it?

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You are on the Featured tab.
There are no questions with an active bounty at the moment.
Perhaps you'd like to select a different tab?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter [isomorphism] in the search box
  2. Arrive at this URL: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/isomorphism
  3. Note the above listed message

I am confused as to what the "Featured tab" is - there is no tab called "Featured" on the page, and I did not specifically select any tab (only searched).

After clicking the newest tab, I am correctly shown a list of results for the [isomorphism] search.

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I'm pretty certain this is not a bug. The site "remembers" what tab you've been on when you view questions. For example, if I'm on the "featured" tab, then click on your link, it shows the "featured" tab. Anyone who was on the "newest" tab will see the "newest" tab. The easiest way to see this effect is to have two windows open.

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    Ahh, in that case, it should at the very least show a "Featured" tab, yes? See my screenshot from the question for what I saw: i.imgur.com/JK5lIAC.png Commented Dec 16, 2014 at 1:23

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