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I just opened my profile in meta.SO, to open the Activity tab and look up some comments I made recently. I guess I just never noticed before (not a huge meta participant), but I was surprised to find no Activity tab.

enter image description here

I wanted to make sure it wasn't somehow my browser (latest Chrome), so I logged in via IE.. same behavior.

Checked SO - yep, the Activity tab is there.

enter image description here

I modified the meta.SO url to add ?tab=activity to the end... didn't expect anything to happen, wasn't disappointed.

Then I checked SE to see if it was the same behavior, which it is.


enter image description here

Meta.SE: (no Activity tab)

enter image description here

I didn't find any previous discussions regarding the missing Activity tab by searching Google. Found a few previous "activity tab" questions on meta.SO, and some "activity" questions on meta.SE but nothing targeting meta site behavior specifically.

Oooookay. Now I know I'm going nuts. Despite just taking the snap shot above, I just reloaded SO, and now I don't have an Activity tab in there either...

enter image description here

I'm hesitant to tag it as a "bug" (but I will anyway), as I can't really verify how reproducible it is for anyone else.

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