I am not able to find that how can I see that how many suggested edit are approved/reject by me.

Right now I can only see the number of reviews done by me. Also from "stats" and "history" I can only able to see that list of reviews done.

How ever if someone (Which has repo less than 2K) edit a question/answer and waiting for edit approval. Than he or she can see click on More tab and able to that XYZ person has approved/rejected numbers of reviews.

Is there any similar kind of things to check the stat of approved/rejected suggested edits?

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Go to your profile -> activity -> reviews, open an edit you reviewed, and check your reviewer stats. :)

Kampai has approved 37 edit suggestions and rejected 44 edit suggestions

  • Ohh..Thanks answer was under my nose :)
    – Kampai
    Nov 27, 2014 at 7:17

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