I want to create a table to better illustrate my question, but I cannot find any option to do so.

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Tables have been added to Stack Exchange as of December 2020.

This is what you want:

|id|name |email|
|--| --- | --- |
|1 | Sta |sta@example.com|
|2 |Danny|dany@example.com|
|3 |Elle |elle@example.com|

This will give you a pure HTML table, like this:

id name email
1 Sta sta@example.com
2 Danny dany@example.com
3 Elle elle@example.com

This table is based on the GitHub-flavored markdown table extension specification.

Details of the feature are included in its announcement in New Feature: Table Support.


If you want to provide sample data for your [sql]-tagged question, please use common table expression rather than ascii-formatted tables.

with t (id,name,email) as (values
  (1 ,'Sta'  ,'sta@example.com'),
  (2 ,'Danny','dany@example.com'),
  (3 ,'Elle' ,'elle@example.com')
select your_attempt from t

Ideally prepared as code snippet on some SQL playground engines such as db fiddle. It makes potential helper's work easier since s/he concentrates on answer instead of text formatting.

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