For those not aware, SMACSS is a style guide for how to name elements in CSS. I follow the tag exclusively, so most of the questions I see are along the lines of "how can I make Sass generate this SMACSS-style selector?" These questions seem perfectly reasonable to me. Every once in a while, a question will pop up that's more along the lines of "what is the proper way to name my element according to the SMACSS rules?"

I have always viewed the second type of question as being off-topic in the same way I would view any question that's about how to name things or format code. However, looking over the other questions in the tag, they seem to be considered acceptable by the community unless the question is really opinion based.

Are such questions considered on-topic?


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    I wouldn't say they're opinion based, if somewhere in the SMACSS guideline, someone could find a definitive answer and provide it. Whether or not they make good questions is a different issue.
    – Joe
    Nov 19, 2014 at 13:21


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