This question was put on hold because it asked for tools.

After this edit I consider it 'too broad' (Does anybody know a way of turning that data into a diagram in as few steps as possible?)

What do I do?

The mentioned close reason no longer applies to the latest content.


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When I've voted to close a question for reason X and now reason X no longer applies but reason Y does, I do not think it is worth fixing my vote. So I don't retract my vote and I if the question has been closed already, I do not vote to reopen just so that people can reclose the question with a reason that applies to the current state of the question. Mods could fix the situation but I don't think it is worth involving them, except perhaps in very rare cases, like a question closed for being a duplicate but linking to the wrong question. Having these links point to the right place has lasting value.

The one thing I've done is put in a comment saying something like "Your reason was off-topic because X. Your edit takes care of that but now it should be closed because Y." It helps the OP understand what is going on. Also, if the question is in the process of being closed, this helps potential close-voters follow the plot. Otherwise, they might not see why the question received votes because X, think the people who voted were just careless, do no see that Y applies, and move on. And if the question has already been closed, it may prevent the question being reopened merely because reviewers do not see evidence that X applies (which is correct) but fail to see that Y applies.

  • I can do that ;-)
    – Jan Doggen
    Commented Nov 19, 2014 at 15:40

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