These seem to have been popping up recently, in particular the latest is g++ error: ‘to_string’ was not declared in this scope. Tried adding -std=c++0x. It seems that certain versions of GCC in Cygwin/MinGW ports don't support the string conversion functions. This includes, to_string, stod, stof, etc. Another example of this question is Cygwin not compiling stod, which I answered:

The short answer is that it's a bug within Cygwin's port of GCC (or libstdc++). The only message I can find on the Cygwin mailing list is from Jan 29, 2014 and it merely says:

Did you try the suggestion for the same problem under mingw? It looks like this could be a temporary workaround until the problem is fixed. Just make

sure you try it on /lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin/4.8.2/include/c++/bits/basic_string.h if you're building for Cygwin..

MinGW has been known to have issues with string conversion functions as well, even though it's different from Cygwin. My suggestion is to download Stephan T. Lavavej's 64-bit MinGW distribution which comes with GCC 4.9.1 and many up to date packages.

Similarly, hvd links to this bug report which covers MinGW. Although MinGW and Cygwin are different, I'm certain that the both have related causes. Unfortunately since it's difficult to pinpoint the exact nature of this problem, I suspect similar questions will continue to pop up.

Is there a canonical duplicate for this problem? If not, what's the best way to handle this:

  • Close as duplicates of previous answers (which I think can get messy)
  • Answer it anyway, because it's difficult to locate duplicates


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