There are two tags that were being used for very similar purposes: and . When I first looked BRE was a generic tag about Business Rules Engine and it was being used both for one question about PHP and several about the BizTalk Business Rules Engine.

I've re-tagged all the BizTalk-related ones as and the PHP one as .

Should the BRE tag be a synonym of ?

If so how is that done?

I probably don't have enough rights to do it.

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    In response to "How is that done?" and you probably not having enough rights, you do need 2,500 rep before you can propose tag synonyms. As a side note, tagging this as [synonym-request] might help your cause. – Kendra Nov 13 '14 at 22:29
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    I've marked up the tags; not seeing any questions tagged bre though. – Sir Crispalot Nov 14 '14 at 15:46
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    And here I thought BRE meant "Basic Regular Expressions" (one of the flavors of POSIX regular expressions). – ruakh Nov 14 '14 at 16:03
  • If you find that people type bre when they mean the BizTalk Business Rules Engine, then there should be a synonym from biztalk-bre to biztalk-rule-engine. The former will automatically get suggested when someone types bre, and people presented with that option shouldn't have any doubt whether it applies to them. – Ben Voigt Nov 15 '14 at 2:05

has been deleted.

bre tag missing from search

When you retagged the questions to , you left without any questions. When a tag has no questions when the tag deletion script runs, it is deleted. That said, this tag can still be re-created, but given how few questions it already had, I'd say this is unlikely.

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