I asked this question a little over a month ago:

Scrolling through UITableView causes Exception and Crash only on iPhone 5C

It received a downvote, and was eventually closed by the Community Moderator.

Another user then tried to answer the deleted question on a different question I asked:

Nested JSON Objects in Keen.io

I want to re-open the original deleted question and start a discussion with this user. How do I inform a moderator I have a valid reason to re-open the question? I don't want to waste a re-open flag if a moderator doesn't think I have a good reason to re-open the question.

EDIT: I have edited the question to include the relevant code in an attempt to get it reopened.


The question was never closed. It was deleted by the automatic cleanup script since it had a negative score, no comments, and no answers after 30 days.

You can flag the post for moderator attention if you feel that the question has merit and should be undeleted; you can reference the comment you receive as evidence of that.

  • Thank you for or answer. I have edited the original question to include the code block where the issue is occurring. – JAL Nov 4 '14 at 17:25

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