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I'm going through suggested edits to review and approve/reject them. I sometimes get the "This edit was a test, you passed" message. I've finished around some 200 edits and never failed these test questions yet, so they're starting to get a little annoying. I take it seriously, spend my time reading the original text and the edit, decide if it should be approved or rejected and then I get this text telling me that it was only a test to see if I was paying attention, which I always do. Will these test questions ever stop? How long will I keep getting them for? It's starting to turning me off reviewing edits.

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Will these test questions ever stop?

No, it never ends.

How long will I keep getting them for?

Currently, until you stop reviewing.

There are a number of other posts on these tests. They are called "review audits".

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    Isn't it possible to have a logic such as: if user's audit pass rate > 90 -> show review audit every 50 reviews, else if user's audit pass rate > 70 -> show review audit every 30 reviews, .. if user's audit review pass rate < 20 -> show review audit every 10 reviews... etc? – artm Nov 5 '14 at 9:26

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