So, I post a legitimate question about the Firefox Debugger on Stack Overflow:

How do I debug jQuery events using Firefox debugger?

In come the negative votes and a couple votes to close the question. Why does this happen to me?


Oy vey.

So, first off... Search! There are multiple previous questions regarding debugging jQuery events, including this immensely popular discussion. Now, it's entirely possible that those won't help you, either because you're trying to do something a bit different or because they're out-of-date - but either way, you can save folks a lot of time wondering whether or not you've seen them by referencing those past topics in your own.

That out of the way, you did a pretty reasonable job of showing your work - kudos! However, you left out a pretty key piece of information:

If I inspect the code, there are little "ev" tags on certain DOM elements. Supposedly you can click those and see the code.

Well, that was fruitless.

Uh... Your screenshot shows you looking right at the code within jQuery that handles the event - in other words, it's doing exactly what it purports to do. Again, if you'd read the previous discussions you'd know how to get from this to your own code - or you'd be looking at a great opportunity to explain why you couldn't.

There are probably a few other areas where you could improve that question (for instance, including the example code you're debugging in the question itself!) but those are the big ones IMHO.

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