It would be nice to see something along these lines: enter image description here

Yes, I'm aware that you can see the exact reason by clicking the (more) button. However, it would be nice to see the expanded reason without an extra click.

Use case

Some of the close reasons require minimal time to react appropriately. For instance,

  • Questions seeking recommendations;
  • Questions produced by an obvious typo and solved trivially in the comment section;
  • Questions to be migrated to other site (e.g. to crossvalidated, typical for the R tag).

By adding an expanded close reason, we may further reduce the time required to vote in these rather obvious situations. It also will be possible to distinguish between a simple case (one of the above) and a more complicated one where a thorough reading of the question/comments is necessary to make a decision.

This experience may be biased by the specific of the tag I'm lurking in, but I don't think this feature will be harmful for any other user or tag.

Shortened off-topic reasons

These may look very minimalistic, for instance

  • looking for recommendation
  • belongs to other site
  • seeking debugging help
  • not reproducible or typo
  • custom reason

The full description would be still available under the (more) section.


This is a time saver for the close queue that requires minimal implementation.


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I think this is a very good idea and we should have it.

Actually I just came to MSO to ask for this specific feature myself and was pointed here by the ask-question dialog.

To me its frustrating to see a comment "oh I solved it; It was this typo..." after reading through the whole post. If I had the note that this question is to be closed because of a typo I would have checked the comments first.

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