Can I ask this question on Stack Overflow as well?

If this question is on-topic, can you suggest me tags, because this would be my first time asking this type of question?

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    Even if it was on-topic, you should not cross post.
    – Oded
    Oct 23, 2014 at 20:13
  • @Oded: OK, thank you. I have decided to leave it there and not post it on SO. Best regards. Oct 23, 2014 at 20:29

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No, that is not on-topic on Stack Overflow. It's a database administrator (DBA) question, and it belongs on the DBA site.

  • Thank you for clarifying it. I will leave that post on DBA site and will not post on SO. Best regards. Oct 23, 2014 at 20:30

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