I was reviewing a late answer and I think the answer was deleted before I completed the review. I don't think it was an audit. The comment and edit buttons did nothing even after repeated attempts. I opened a new tab and found the question, and saw that the answer was not there. I went back to review and found that "Skip" did work. It did not tell me I failed the audit, but I am unclear if "Skip" would fail an audit or not.

Am I correct that the answer was deleted? Or does it just not appear because it is a late answer? Or did another reviewer flag it before I was done? Whatever happened, the behavior of doing nothing at all is probably not the optimal result. Perhaps it should notify the reviewer and auto-skip?

The question was: Outlook Ribbon Load Inspector.CurrentItem is null

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If it was no longer eligible for review, it should have popped up a message informing you that it is no longer available for review.

If it was an audit and you clicked skip, you would not pass or fail the audit. Skip is just skipping that review and moving on to the next review.

I think there was just some random bug/something not loading properly that happened when you were reviewing that one. It's actually happened to me recently once or twice. Just do a refresh of the page next time and it should work.

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