I was looking at the new comments/votes on my Meta question about a similar site, and @Omar commented with yet another site that's blatantly scraping content from Stack Overflow, but with a twist.

The twist? The site's in Russian.

It's obvious that stoflru could translate to st (Stack) ofl (Overflow), ru (Russian), but they're still breaking the Creative-Commons license that Stack Exchange uses, and they're also not attributing:

enter image description here

The question in the screenshot is here on Stack Overflow.

When browsing the site I cannot find any way to register or log into the site, suggesting that the website's just a proxy that translates all text in the main body of the page into Russian, and indeed, the site is blocked on my work network as security.proxy:

enter image description here

It also appears that the last time stoflru scraped content from Stack Overflow was August 7th, so perhaps this site has already been dealt with by the Stack Exchange legal team?

I personally like the idea that Stack Overflow should be available in more languages (other than English and Portuguese), but such a request should be upheld with the Stack Exchange team (and probably likely on Area 51) than a 'do whatever and see what happens` approach.

There's also the issue of the advertisements on the website.