Active community member @amalloy has stated that he or she "wouldn't be surprised to find that there are no appropriate uses of any of those tags." The tags in question are:

This is very surprising to a newcomer who could likely make the mistake of thinking those tags should be used. As a new contributor, I made the same mistake myself with my recent question.

Shouldn't we edit the description of these tags with a similar warning to ? Its description says:

DO NOT USE THIS TAG! This tag is hopelessly broad and doesn't really tell us what the question is about.

I think we should do this so that useless tags are not used, requiring others to edit the question, since the tags used aren't being followed.

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    Just because people cannot use a tag properly does not mean the tag needs to go. If people are using them incorrectly already that means they have not read them so putting DO NOT USE THIS TAG is not really going to help. We really need a overhaul on how tags get added to questions to make sure the right tags are added. Jul 19, 2016 at 12:04


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