I came across tag in a CSS question. I thought it is too general and it should be something like , and found that it already exists.

The excerpt of is as follows:

Position refers to the location of an element relative to its container, typically on the horizontal and vertical axes.

This sounds very much like positioning elements.

But, the description of is something too generic:

In computing, position closely relates to the geometrical definition of a position or position vector, also known as location vector or radius vector, which is a Euclidean vector that represents the position of a point P in space in relation to an arbitrary reference origin O. Usually denoted x, r or s, it corresponds to the displacement from O to P.

In simplified terms, position is used in reference to the location of a 'child' entity within a two-dimensional or three-dimensional space, the boundaries of which are referred to as the 'container' or 'parent'.

And hence used in questions regarding other languages as well.

This seems to be ambiguous.

Most of the CSS questions are wrongly(If I'm right) tagged with . There is already a burninate request for , Stating it is too general...

Is worthy of existence? What is the correct action to be taken here..?

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    Long ago I was working to remove all the non-CSS questions from these tags so the rest could be merged into css-position but never finished.
    – animuson StaffMod
    Oct 18, 2014 at 13:37


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