I noted a little discrepancy in awarding this badge. In my profile view I see 10K as the total views for Spring @Transactional does not work in JUnit test? just when it has crossed 9.5K.

However, I still don't see Famous Question badge coming. In fact if I see the questions that got the Famous Badge the views are (correctly) over 10K.

Could anyone explain this?

  • It currently has 9533 views. Which is less than 10k, but rounds up to it. – Mysticial Oct 16 '14 at 8:28

The badge awarding script doesn't round. You need 10.000 views or more, not 9.5k rounded up to 10k.

The user interface on the other hand does round. If you want to know the precise number, however over the number and look for the tooltip pop up. It'll tell you the exact number:

tooltip showing exact number

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