The original request was a synonym request.

However, I would like to restart as a discussion on how to deal with the 2 tags:

According to the link in this answer on Mathematis.SE, the terms modulus and modulo have been used to refer to different concepts in mathematics.

  • Modular arithmetic can be referred to by "modulus", "modulo" or "mod". "Modulo" or "mod" invariably (?, as far as I can see from the article) refers to modular arithmetic in mathematics context.

  • "Modulus" was assigned to different concepts in mathematics. Among them, the concept of "length of the vector a + bi" is most likely to be asked on SO.

What should be done to these 2 tags? How should we disambiguate them?

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    FYI, I cleaned up a few questions that were referencing Modulus, a hosting service for Node.js. They were moved to the existing tag modulus.io. Oct 16, 2014 at 18:38

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This one bothers me. Modulus is sometimes used to mean modulo, but it is more often used to mean absolute value or norm. The current tag excerpt for describes modulo, and most questions tagged with it are related to the modulo operator.

Even if we accept the use to mean modulo, it becomes an ambiguous term and therefore should not be used as a tag.

The currently proposed synonimization would convert into , a very satisfying outcome.

There are currently 3 votes to make these two tags synonymous. Unfortunately I don't have the required 5 score in the tag to vote.

Please help, if you can, by voting here!

As of now:

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