To quote the tag wikis:

The wiki excerpt for states that:

An Outer join does not require each record in the two joined tables to have a matching record. The joined table retains each record—even if no other matching record exists.

The wiki excerpt for , on the other hand, states that:

An outer join defines a relationship between two tables where all records from one or both tables are returned regardless of the existence of a matching key-field in the other table. A full outer join combines the results of both tables. A left or right join returns all the records from the first or second specified table, respectively. NULLS are filled in for matches on either side. A self-join compares a table to a copy of itself.

They clearly refer to the same thing, although seems to do a better job of explaining it, IMHO.

Do we really need two tags here? Can they please be merged?

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I totally agree with this, it is confusing to have two tags that are referencing the same sql join. I made a synonym of .

  • Thanks! Didn't have the rep on either tag to suggest it.
    – Mureinik
    Oct 10, 2014 at 11:28

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