Today I came across the tag , Which doesn't even have a tag wiki. The question was clearly about and I can't find any other such plugin

There are currently 40 questions tagged .

  • Some clearly mention in the title itself
  • Some mention jquery ui in the description
  • Some are tagged with both jquery-ui-resizable as well.
  • Rest of the very few are just asking how to resize an element, it isn't related to a particular plugin, and i don't see any other such function or plugin other than jquery-ui-resizable.

I tried to suggest it as a synonym but failed since i don't have 5 score on it. If i retag every question related to jquery ui with , will it get automatically deleted..? Or am I wrong ..? (I better ask this for the reason mentioned earlier) If so, can someone point to the correct source and update the wiki..?

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