I tried before to review suggested edits, but -as expected- I got this message:

You need at least 2k reputation to review suggested edits.

However, and every now and then, I notice some users who have very few reputations improve or reject suggested edits!

Last example I am really very confused about is in this link, where this new member was able -alone- to approve my last suggested edit, although he had only 3 reputations with 4 bronze badges!

How was he (and similar users) able to do that? Is there a way to review the suggested edits or to use any other privileges even if we have few reputation?


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The author of a question is also able to accept suggested edits.

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    Aha ok, that's fair enough :) Thanks for the answer!
    – Jad
    Oct 6, 2014 at 16:26

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