I tried to join the c# chat, but it keeps telling me that I don't have enough reputation to chat.

I do have enough reputation though.

I saw some similar questions, but none of them seemed to apply to me:

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You had two chat users (your account was merged a couple years back, and that resulted in an orphaned chat user). Once Marc fixed that, your chat profile was able to synchronize with your main-site profile - you should be able to use chat without further issues now.

For future reference (if anyone else encounters something like this), you can usually identify this problem by searching chat users - if there are two users with the same main-site account linked, things will probably break.


For some odd reason your chat profile is not synchronized with your actual account:

So as far as the chat knows, you have 1 rep.

I fear only a dev can fix this, just clarified what is wrong.


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