My inner narcissist forces me to regularly check my profile on careers.stackoverflow.com.

There's this little badge stating top 10% for c#. Given the sheer number of people here on SO this probably doesn't mean much, but it looks nice.

Now if I offer a bounty worth of 100 reputation on Stack Overflow, this does lower my reputation. But does it affect the algorithm calculating this top n% badges on careers?

Lets' assume that I have just qualified the threshold, which gives rewards me with the 10% badge and I set up a bounty for of 100 reputation for

  • a) a question not tagged with c#
  • b) a question tagged with c#
  • c) a question tagged with c# and asp.net

Given these 3 cases: If a bounty affects the calculation, how is it affected? Is the reputation loss split equally amongst all tags?

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As far as I can remember the "top user" calculation uses votes as it needs to be specific to that tag.

Your reputation is the sum of (upvotes + acceptances + bounties earned) - (downvotes + bounties started), there's no way of getting back to the specific reputation earned in each tag from this aggregated value.

So bounties won't lower the value.

  • - Losses to Rep-cap and SPAM/Offensive flags Oct 1, 2014 at 12:58

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