Periodically, in questions, we'll answer a question that was asked, giving the solution that was asked for, by the person posting the question, but which is (in our (not necessarily so) humble opinion) not a recommended approach, or which contains poor practice or is more convoluted than need be. Sometimes, we'll show the jQuery approach (as requested), and then want to show a plain JavaScript approach.

Regardless, sometimes we'd like to post multiple approaches to the same problem in one answer.

With Stack Snippets™, we can simply copy the inserted HTML to another point in the answer and then click the 'edit the above snippet' link, in the preview. This feels a little overly-complex to me. Would it be possible to have a 'fork snippet into own answer' (phrasing could well be improved)?

  • Ooo, that would be neat. Especially if we could switch between the various forks without leaving the editor. Oct 7, 2014 at 19:09


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