I'm a user that visits many sites of the Stack Exchange platform, but basically do the most on Stack Overflow. For the past 2-3 years I've studied on my own the Python programming language and I'm following the Python's tag to listen questions for answer. If somebody doesn't know, Python language has twomain branches: version 2 (stable longterm) and version 3 (development current). Those tags (python-2.x and python-3.x) exists as well at SO, and I was wondering if there exists some way to listen questions for Python 2 & 3 by only favoriting just Python (sort of tag inheritance), because I can't view tagged questions of more than one tag at the same time (some are tagged python, some python-2.x, and some python-3.x). Does this mechanism exists or it'll be implemented? Thanks!

PS: I'm subscribed to all three tags.

The idea is to subscribe all three tags: Python2, Python3 and Python with one single subscription. Whenever you click a tag, you can view all questions tagged with that one, but you cannot do something like show me all questions with tag Python2 OR Python3 OR Python.

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Yes, you can do that with the wildcard mechanism for favorites. Just favorite Python*.

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Well, with the little chat we had with @Martijn Pieters and @Deduplicator at the question of this post I can reach these conclusions:

  • Tag inheritance was proposed but always declined.
  • Multiple tag search can be performed.
  • Wildcard search tag is allowed.

Thanks to all who commented this question, all of your answers were useful. Closing and accepting.

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