when I try to apply for a job it is asking me to log in. but myopenid is greyed out. But I am logged in under myopenid. So where does that leave me?

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First off, MyOpenID is dead - you may have logged in using it the last time you logged in, but that was many months ago now; since then, the service has become unavailable with the former operators having no plans to resume service.

So before you do anything else, add another login method to your SO account! If you don't, you'll find yourself locked out if you should lose your current session.

I'm serious. Stop reading right now and go do that.


Ok, once you're able to log into SO again from a fresh browser session, the answer to your Careers question becomes easy: just log in using whatever new service you added to your SO account. If you somehow end up with two Careers accounts, you can contact the support team for assistance in merging them.

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