The tag on Stack Overflow has two different meanings:

  • The process of assigning types to program fragments (that's what the tag means on Computer Science).
  • The process of pressing keys on a keyboard (that's what the tag means on Super User).

The current tag wiki states

For questions related to data types. Do not use this tag for questions related to the physical act of typing on a keyboard, as such questions are almost always off-topic.

but there are nonetheless on-topic questions where the keyboard meaning is valid and the tag would be useful for searching, e.g. 1 2.

There is a tag, which has a different meaning from : is about the process of assigning the types, is about the types themselves and the language's type system. I'm not sure if the distinction is really made by most taggers on SO.

Should there be a tag for typing as in types and one for typing as in keyboards? Under what names?

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Knowing that a question is about simulation of typing (the process of writing or inputting text by pressing keys on a typewriter, keyboard, cell phone, or a calculator) doesn't seem so relevant to require a tag.

I am thinking of questions where the topic is:

  • Showing a message letter after letter, as if it were typed in real time from a user
  • Showing a specific text independently from what the user is typing, but showing a new character every time a user presses a key
  • Reproducing a sound every time a user presses a key, as if s/he were typing from a typewriter

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