It's pretty common for Emacs related questions to only be tagged 'Emacs'. For example: this question. This question includes Emacs lisp code, but it's not highlighted. This is a pretty common occurrence for Emacs questions.

Could we add Emacs lisp highlighting to Emacs questions?

  • I must admit I've not used it but isn't emacs more general purpose than that? – Richard Tingle Jan 27 '14 at 19:23
  • @RichardTingle Regardless of how general it is, it is based on LISP and all plugins and user functions are written in LISP (ELISP to be precise - Emacs's version of LISP). – BartoszKP Jan 27 '14 at 19:39
  • 1
    Yeah, but that doesn't mean it's just used for Lisp programs, does it? – Robert Harvey Jan 27 '14 at 19:47
  • 1
    @RobertHarvey true, but the large majority of code snippets in Emacs questions are written in elisp. – Wilfred Hughes Jan 28 '14 at 15:51
  • @RobertHarvey - I think he means that most (or, virtually all) [emacs] posts using code tags are asking about or answering with emacs configurations and plugins, which are written in (E)LISP. – slackwing Jan 28 '14 at 17:39
  • 2
    Seems to me like a better solution would be to add the Lisp tag to the question (which already works). – Robert Harvey Jan 28 '14 at 17:40

I've turned on LISP formatting rules for . This may require overriding the defaults in a few cases, but it appears that most of the code present in Emacs questions is Emacs Lisp, even when the question itself isn't about Emacs Lisp, so forcing both tags to be present just makes redundant.

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