In this blog post from 2010, Jeff Atwood revealed the recent redesign of the Stack Overflow homepage.

In 2010, the homepage was changed to display a set of questions personalised to your preferences, rather than just the most recently active questions.

To quote Jeff:

The goal is no longer to show you a simple flat list of the last (n) active questions — that’s not even possible any more based on sheer question volume — but, instead, to narrow the list to a subset of active questions that we think you will be interested in.

So my question is this: why isn't this feature present on other Stack Exchange sites?

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I'll quote from the answer I gave when this question was raised on Physics' Meta a while back:

The current setup for the "interesting" tab looks at the last 3,000 posts, using various user- and post-specific metrics to display 90 personalized posts; that makes sense, since Stack Overflow gets over twice that every day. We could look at less than that, but...

...At 42 questions per day, Physics.SE's homepage already displays most recent activity on the site... to everyone. The logic used for the "interesting" tab as it's currently set up wouldn't accomplish much.

This still applies to most sites other than Stack Overflow - and while it's possible that Mathematics, Super User and Ask Ubuntu could benefit from a more nuanced display of questions, we've come to believe that the current "Interesting" algorithm isn't really ideal even on Stack Overflow; a system that doesn't skew quite as much toward displaying recent, unanswered posts regardless of quality is under development, and - while currently focused on the specific needs of Stack Overflow - might eventually be more suitable for use network-wide.


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