The two tags and are equivalent.

  • From the wiki:

    Apex is a strongly typed, OOP language that allows to execute flow and transaction control statements on the Force.com platform server in conjunction with calls to the Force.com​ API. Not to be confused with Oracle Apex.

  • From the wiki:

    A proprietary Java-like programming language for the Force.com Platform, not to be confused with Oracle's Application Express

Please merge them, or make one a synonym of the other.

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Since the and tags refer to the same language, they should be merged.

Furthermore, I suggest renaming the merged tag to , for parallelism with and to distinguish them from each other. (There are 126 questions mistakenly tagged [apex][oracle], which should be retagged manually as before merging.)

  • I was about to post a request for this as I continually run into this. I've retagged a few questions, but apparently there are still quite a lot left. Once those are retagged, can the merge to salesfor-apex finally happen?
    – Steve
    Mar 16, 2017 at 15:47

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