SoundCloud "moved their API Support to Stack Overflow", and so developers are asked to post their questions over here. So far, so good -- see Third-party development support: hosted by Stack Overflow for a longer discussion, and I think the consensus is that "it is not a problem if the questions are on-topic for SO".

But in their announcement, SoundCloud uses this phrase:

We encourage you to start using the 'soundcloud' tag on Stack Overflow from now on for all questions related to the SoundCloud Platform. (my emphasis)

and so I happened across this question, which is not about how to use the SoundCloud API, but asks for external assets.

Per Daniel E. White's comment on the same move by OpsHub,

.. all we are asking for is concrete guidance on your page to guide the users to ask appropriate, on-topic questions ..

should SoundCloud be contacted and asked to rephrase their page?

Of minor importance, one can only wonder where the question about SC's assets should have been asked (not on any SE site, I'm sure). SC's users are left in the dark, and run a risk of being shouted at on SO, for all their innocence and "following the rules".


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I left this message below their blog entry. Hopefully that will be enough.

It's worth noting that Stack Overflow has standards for accepting questions, and that they're not affiliated with SoundCloud in any way. Not every question gets accepted at Stack Overflow, nor does Stack Overflow provide customer support services.

It is important that everyone asking a SoundCloud question at Stack Overflow read the rules for posting first: https://stackoverflow.com/help/.... Stack Overflow exists to answer people's questions about writing computer code; questions about any other topic (like "how do I get an API key, how do I download the SDK" etc.) will be closed.

Read the SoundCloud documentation first, before asking your question, and make your question clear, specific and answerable.

If you have a troubleshooting problem, describe the problem in detail, along with the exact wording of any error messages you are getting, and provide a snippet of code that reproduces the problem. Describe the troubleshooting steps you've already taken to attempt solve the problem.

Asking "How do I..." questions are OK, as long as you're request is specific, and you don't ask us to write your program for you.

Thanks for listening, and welcome to Stack Overflow!

Also worth noting: the blog entry is dated March 7th, 2012, and the world hasn't come to an end yet, so...

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