I've just been trying to make a question of mine community wiki. I was expecting the button to be below the answer box, as described on the privileges page.

community wiki button on SO page

I definitely have more than 10 reputation, but I can't see the button. Screenshot from Firefox 32:

missing community wiki button

Screenshot from Internet Explorer 11:

missing community wiki button, again

In Firefox, I have the NoScript and RequestPolicy add-ons installed. Disabling them did not change my ability to see the button.

Has the button been moved/removed? Am I experiencing browser weirdness? Am I being really stupid?


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The CW button on questions has been gone for a long long time now.

I posted the exact same question 4 years ago:

Community Wiki checkbox missing in action

  • I clearly didn't pay enough attention to the screenshots. I saw the first one was an answer and assumed the others were too!
    – JonK
    Sep 8, 2014 at 12:53

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