I have an application that queries the public SO APIs. Specifically, I take in an id and get the metadata of the question. I am currently doing this via unauthenicated GET requests so I am hit by the 300 requests per user limit.

I'd like to get the 10,000 limit but I don't have 'Users' to authenticate. My users don't need to have SO accounts so I can't just have them go through the OAuth flow. Is there some sort of token I can pass with the GET requests to identify that my app is making the request and get a higher limit?

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You can register for an application-specific API token at the StackApps.com site:

Upon registering, you'll be provided an API key which grants your app a much larger per-day request quota than using the API anonymously.

The registration link is listed on the homepage, in the sidebar, together with the API documentation link and a link to manage any applications you have registered.

Incidentally, StackApps is also the place to get support for API questions. See the StackApps On-Topic help page:

If your question is about …

  • the Stack Exchange API
  • applications built on the Stack Exchange API
  • scripts or browser extensions that work with Stack Exchange sites … it is welcome here.

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