Recently I was reviewing low quality posts and spotted a "typical" Link only answer. It was not like the one's with just a link, but just a little more context that you could google in case the link is dead.

I always check the link if it makes any sense in the context of the question; it did and it was a nice article but I also noticed that the question was put on hold.

With relatively new users I normally I would actively encourage them to grab the essential parts from the article and put it in the question. But in this case, since the question was put on hold this wouldn't lead to any reward for the effort (in my opinion the "reward system" is a major success factor of this site).

The answer was well received by the way, the up-vote count was relatively high, so it truly helped some people.

So I was in this dilemma of what to do:

  • use the link only and recommend deletion? This would lead to deletion of the question although it could be salved and scored good.
  • Guide the user to improve his/her answer? This would not lead to a "reward"-satisfaction at the users side.
  • Mark as Looks OK? This seems to violate the policy of this site.

I skipped the particular review, but it kept me wondering...

So in general:

How to handle reviews on answers of a question that's put on hold?

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If the "answer" contains only instruction, how to find something in google, it's still technically link-only answer, because it doesn't answer the question directly, but refers to external resources.

If the question is on hold, it means that it probably is not good fit for Q&A anyway. The answer was already borderline, combined with low quality of the question it makes it hardly valuable.

I'd simply vote to delete it anyway.

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