When I approach asking a question I think about the tags first. In fact, I often end up filling in the tags first, then jumping back up to fill in the title and question body--and then my tags are ignored in the "Questions that may..." suggestions ("Similar Questions" search should take the tags into account).

I imagine that meta-aware SO "power-users" think about questions the same way: break it down by category (especially obvious things like language, SDK and API) then craft a narrative question (which may or may not contain the tags, by the way, depending on the flow of the question sentence--not entering that fray here). It would be great if the UX of the page matched the way we think about our questions: put "Tags" at the top of the page, not the bottom.

Further, this would seem to encourage better question asking, in that makes the asker start to break down the question in a way that suits the purposes of SO, and could even be a point where tag descriptions could keep them on-topic for the site (e.g., for "excel" it could specify that power-user Excel questions belong on SuperUser, etc.). And of course, they could narrow to some extent the suggested-question search.



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