It's about this answer. (mine)

The User asking the question has chosen to give a plugin a try, which did the job and added that as his own answer, which is fine, as far as I know. But the reason to choose a plugin was just wrong.

So I added my answer and he accepted it.

Then I run thru his code again and I thought that linking to this question/answer (I also linked to both involved user profiles) would be good additional information, because a part of the error was kind of related to naming conventions.

The main mistake leading the user to Stack Overflow comes from a lack of knowledge, which I think having answered correctly.

Now, my question is: Is this good practice or even forbidden?

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    Linking is fine, copying is not so fine. Sep 1, 2014 at 22:10

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As long as that's not the only thing you put in the answer, it's fine.

If that's the only thing in your answer, then

  1. It's link-only and subject to deletion, and
  2. The question you're answering is a duplicate.

Answering a question with someone else's answer is plagiarism, and is unacceptable, but linking to tangentially related questions that may help anyone who comes across the question resolve the issue is fine and even encouraged.

  • Ok, Thx, that is answering my question. btw copy/paste??? really??
    – toesslab
    Sep 1, 2014 at 22:14

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