I am going to deploy ASP. NET MVC 5.1 application. I don't know if there are cheaper solutions than Azure which will work with ASP .NET MVC 5.1 or there are some catches in terms of Microsoft Azure.

I don't know where to ask this question. If I ask it on SuperUser I will probably not get answers from developers but from consumers at same time If I post it on StackOverflow developers who have first hand expierience with it will read it but the question is not about an exception, a bug etc. so it is going to be downvoted and closed.

Where I should ask this question?


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You could ask this at Software Recommendations. That is the only site that has a looser policy on recommending off-site resources. You question is off-topic now for both StackOverflow, SuperUser and Serverfault.

Make sure to read their help center though so you are absolutely sure your question is on-topic there.


You can—in general—ask questions about cloud services directly related to programming. Questions about "software tools commonly used by programmers" are on topic here.

However, you cannot ask these specific questions.

Whether "cheaper solutions than Azure" exist is a classic, open-ended recommendation question. These are off-topic on Stack Overflow.

Whether there are "catches in terms of Microsoft Azure" is not a specific programming question, but rather a "big list"-style question, which are also off-topic.

You can find more information in the Help Center; specifically:

Do note that Super User and Server Fault have very similar rules regarding these types of questions. Please be sure to consult their respective Help Centers before posting a question there, too.

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