So, if you look at my history on Meta, it is completely focused on the GRUB tag.

The first one was a request to act on the off-topic flags on "how do I configure my bootloader?" posts. This had wonderful short-term effect, but they are now stacking up again.

Meanwhile, the second one was last week - Request to re-open this (rare, and not mine) on-topic question on the grub tag - requesting to reopen a question actually related to programming in the GRUB environment. It was reopened and now has a quite entertaining voting history.

Today, another question about programming in the GRUB environment - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25578024/import-user-library-to-grub2 - which if anything is a duplicate of the question I asked meta about reopening, has been "on holded" as off-topic. Within 4 hours of posting.

Meanwhile, the subsequent two questions (of the "how do I configure my bootloader?" variety) remain open, despite having been flagged as off-topic by multiple users.

I raise this as a discussion rather than another request, because something seems off in the attention this tag is given. It keeps filling up with open off-topic posts while the on-topic ones get closed almost immediately.

Can anything be done about this situation?


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