In the profile, where it says that it was last seen, it always says 'seen 1 min ago' because it counts the current look where I am looking at my own profile. This means I never get to see the last time it was looked at by anyone other than me at this very moment in which I am looking at it. Is there a fix planned for that or is it not for me but for admins to see that value? Thanks.

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    That's not what "seen 1 min ago" means. Seen 1 minute ago means that you were seen on the site 1 minute ago, not that your profile was viewed 1 minute ago. There isn't anything on the site that tells you when your own profile was last viewed by somebody else. Aug 25, 2014 at 15:59
  • Okay, thanks for the clarifications and suggestions. Aug 25, 2014 at 16:00

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The seen x units ago statement does not mean that your profile was seen x units ago; it means that you were seen x units ago.

Whenever you visit the site, vote, comment, answer/ask a question, etc., you are performing an action on the site that registers as a "visit." These "visits" are used for your consecutive day count (i.e. visited x days, y consecutive), which can award you badges (Enthusiast and Fanatic).

The only thing on your profile that relates to what other people see is "profile views," which tells you how many users have viewed your profile (obviously).

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