Reasons to burninate :

  1. You could be positioning anything. (<div> elements, unicorns, etc.)
  2. There is no such thing as a positioning expert. (Within the realm of programming)
  3. The tag wiki already says "This tag is ambiguous. DO NOT USE THIS TAG." However, based on the number of recent questions, users don't look at the tag wiki excerpt.

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Burninating the tag doesn't seem like a good way to me. I'd suggest to clean up these 656 questions which are not CSS-related as mentioned by Bhargav Rao and the rest, which are CSS-related should be synonymized with . This will reduce the amount of effort people who participate in burns put. It's worth noting that a synonym of is .

I disagree with Vadim Kotov. The tag shouldn't be a synonym of . The tag is too broad on its own and adding 2.5k questions in it will just make things worse.

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