I was reading some discussions on here, and came across the term "meta effect". Can anyone explain what is meant by this? and what is the purpose?


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The meta effect refers to the community reaction to certain posts here on Meta, in particular posts that point to another post on Stack Overflow.

This tends to be a negative effect - people who come to complain/ask about posts on Stack Overflow on Meta are essentially inviting scrutiny and review of these posts. More often than not, it means a flurry of downvotes, close votes and delete votes on a post.

The term describes this effect - that's its purpose.

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    Well, whether it's negative or positive depends on the observers viewpoint, and on why the post was mentioned. If it was for example mentioned to protest an incorrect closure / deletion without being inflamatory, the meta-effect won't only provide swift correction of the problem but also some upvotes. Aug 20, 2014 at 21:46

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